China and Central & East European Vocational Education International League (hereinafter referred to as "C-CEEVEIL") is a platform for cooperation of vocational colleges & universities between China and Central & East Europe.  The C-CEEVEIL will give full play to the initiative and enthusiasm of member institutions, integrate and share resources, and deepen educational exchanges and cooperation between China and Eastern & European countries. The C-CEEVEIL is a non-profit organization set up in Latvia in accordance with the principle of equality and voluntary participation. The C-CEEVEIL consists of the vocational education organizations and institutions from 16 countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and China, and it is also consists of many enterprises and first-class vocational colleges and educational institutions in China, such as the Vocational Education Network, the Modern Vocational Education Network, the Baltic Research and Development Institute, Tesibo Education, Shituoyan Education. 

Purpose of C-CEEVEIL:
In the views of the “Budapest Guidelines for Cooperation between China-Central & Eastern European countries” the outcome document of the China-Central & Eastern European leaders' meeting, the C-CEEVEIL shall promote vocational education “opening-up, communication and integration among countries in a larger scope, with higher standards and at deeper levels”. The deep integration of vocational education in China and Central & Eastern Europe has helped to upgrade vocational institutions with international competitiveness. Adhering to the principles of interconnected symbiosis, equal cooperation and winning-win development, the C-CEEVEIL is committed to becoming a forward-looking cooperation and win-to-be partnership under the education and cooperation exchange between China and Central & Eastern European countries, and is a high-end, open and valuable cooperative exchange platform and international organization in the field of international cooperation in vocational education in China and Europe. The C-CEEVEIL strives for a long-term strategic partnership to carry out and strengthen in-depth and extensive cooperation in the field of vocational education between China and the institutions, organizations, institutions and enterprises of the 16 countries in the Central & Eastern Europe, to promote the “Bring in” and “Going out” of international cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and CEE vocational colleges, and to continuously develop and absorb relevant organizations, institutions and international cooperation in vocational education in China Institutions and corporate and individual members.
Functions of C-CEEVEIL:
1. [Academic Exchange]: The abutment joints of meetings and forums on different topics and in various forms and sizes shall be regularly planned and held. The visit and inspection shall be irregularly organized.
2, [Inclusiveness]: The cooperation and exchange should draw inspirations from each other to boost the creative development of the vocational education organizations, institutions, colleges and enterprises in China and Central & Eastern European countries.
3. [Cooperate in Depth]: The mechanism and mode of educational cooperation and exchange shall be established to enhance the breadth and depth of educational cooperation and exchange, and to enhance the quality and efficiency of educational cooperation and exchange.
4. [Development of Colleges and Universities]: The mutual recognition of credits and academic qualifications in the countries shall be settled and the personnel training specifications shall be reasonably determined around the demand for different levels and types of talents in the regional industrial transformation and upgrading to form the vocational education pattern that adapts to the needs of regional industry development.
5. [Series of Activities]: The C-CEEVEIL shall organize and participate in China and Central & East European vocational education cooperation and exchange of meetings, research, study abroad and other activities & projects.
6. [International Exchange]: The C-CEEVEIL shall carry out cooperation and exchange activities among vocational colleges and universities in China and Central & East European countries, organize the exchange visits of league members, introduce schools with first-class disciplines for members, expand overseas business and promote international exchanges.
7. [Matching Service]: The C-CEEVEIL shall provide the matching services to league members for international exchange of vocational education, cooperation in running schools, teacher training, matching integration of curriculum standards & resources, as well as foreign cooperation and exchanges of public services.
8. [Publicity and Promotion]: The C-CEEVEIL shall disseminate and report the major news, results and experiences of its members through the media in various countries.

Framework of C-CEEVEIL:
Organizational composition: The C-CEEVEIL is composed of some politicians and leaders of administrative departments, experts of international & domestic professional education organizations, institutions, vocational colleges, research institutions, multinational companies, enterprises and mainstream media.

Organizational structure
The C-CEEVEIL consists of the honorary chairman, the co-chairperson, the chairperson organization, the vice-chairperson organization, the expert committee, the standing director organization, the director organization and the secretariat.
Honorary chairman: There is one honorary chairman in the C-CEEVEIL. 
There are two co-chairperson and two chairperson organizations. 
There are 10 vice-chairmen and 10 vice-chairmen organizations
The expert committee shall have one director, more than one deputy director and more than one member.
There are more than one standing director and standing director organizations.
There are many directors and many director organizations
There is one secretary general.
There are two deputy secretary general.
As the permanent executive body of the C-CEEVEIL, the secretariat is responsible for the daily affairs, overall coordination, member development and service, activity planning and organization.

Rights of Members: 
1. To participate in league meetings, to discuss and vote on league development plan and resolutions on major issues.
2. To enjoy the rights and interests of participating in exchanges, training, study tours, talks, seminars and other activities organized by C-CEEVEIL.
3. To recommend and disseminate the experience and achievements of foreign cooperation and exchange in promoting vocational education in China and the countries of Central & Eastern Europe.
4. To enjoy the matching, integration and promotion services of international cooperation and exchange programs for vocational education in 16 countries of Middle East and Europe.
5. To Share and exchange of relevant policies, information and resources on foreign cooperation in vocational education in 16 countries in central and Eastern Europe.

Obligations of Members:
1. To abide by the laws and regulations of China and Central & Eastern European countries.
2. To comply with and fulfill the constitution of C-CEEVEIL.
3. To support and participate in various activities organized by C-CEEVEIL.
4. To put forward opinions and suggestions on the work of C-CEEVEIL and the promotion of international cooperation and exchange in vocational education.
5. To respect and protect the intellectual property rights and trade secrets of the C-CEEVEIL and its members.

Admission Criteria for Membership:
1. To identify with the purposes and regulations of the C-CEEVEIL;
2. To have a good social brand in the field of vocational education in China and Central & Eastern Europe to provide high-quality international cooperation resources and services;
3. To be committed to promoting international communication and development of professional education, and contributed to international cooperation and exchange of Chinese and foreign professional education;
4. To volunteer to join the C-CEEVEIL and fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of members.
Admission Procedure for Membership:
The applicant should fill in the relevant application and submit them to the secretariat for preliminary review by the initiator recommendation or the secretariat invitation as well as the active application, etc. After passing the review process, the applicant will be formally admitted.

Exit Procedure of C-CEEVEIL

1. A member who withdraws from C-CEEVEIL shall notify the C-CEEVEIL in writing, return the member's certificate and the Membership shall be cancelled on the C-CEEVEIL 's website.
2. If the member violates the Constitution of C-CEEVEIL and damages the C-CEEVEIL reputation, C-CEEVEIL shall persuade to quit and announce on the website

Secretariat of China and Central & East European Vocational Education
International League (C-CEEVEIL)
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