Invitation Letter

2019-01-15 09:39

      China and CEE (Central & East European) Vocational Education International League, which is formally abbreviated as C-CEEVEIL, is a non-profit organization co-founded by members of vocational colleges/universities,  fachhochschules  (applied  technology colleges/universities), educational institutions, financial institutions, etc. in China and CEE (Central & Eastern European) countries. The C-CEEVEIL is aimed to promote vocational education exchanges, cooperation, and share enjoyable experiences between China and CEE countries for mutual development.

      The C-CEEVEIL holds two meetings,each year, which are held in different countries, to showcase the new achievements and development trends of vocational education of various countries, providing a comprehensive international platform for
information sharing, experience exchange, professional research, and employment direction among various countries.

      The new round of global industrial revolution is changing human society quietly, with the emergence of new industries, new technologies, new forms as well as new models of industry. More and more intense international competition is brought by the “Industry 4.0”of German, the“Advanced Manufacturing Partnership”of America, and the rapid rise of developing countries. Consequently, the demand for highly skilled personnel has increased significantly, which requires a vocational education of higher quality.

      In order to implement the initiative of“Promoting the ‘Belt and Road’ Education Action” issued by the Ministry of Education of PRC, and to integrate "Going Global" and "Bringing in", we will work in close collaboration with all our partners to develop the vocational education, and to train students' innovative ability in China and China and CEE countries.

      The C-CEEVEIL now invites diverse vocational colleges,fachhochschules (applied technology colleges/universities), and business organizations to join us, so as to explore the interconnection of countries in terms of education, science, technology, economy and culture, and to cater to the international industrial development strategy with cultivating highly-skilled personnel.

China and Central & East European Vocational Education
International League (C-CEEVEIL)
 October 16, 2018
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