Education minister Chen baosheng on education reform and dev

2018-11-16 09:28

Grasp the working method of "four turns"

To learn and implement the spirit of education conference, we should grasp the working methods of "turn tense, turn voice, turn state, turn mentality".
One is the "change of tense". All work should be carried into the time channel after the 19th national congress, into the rhythm of work after the education conference, with the current work as the center, adhere to the current and long-term connection, focus and comprehensive combination, persevering, lasting contributions, and gradually deepening the spirit of the conference to implement the work.
The second is "transition". We should strengthen innovation in the way of discourse, combine party language, people's language, and language learning, and attach equal importance to theoretical depth, practical strength and emotional temperature.
Third, the state of transition. In order to forge ahead of the state, reform methods, innovative ideas, the implementation of the study and publicity of the congress spirit with the implementation of education "progressive pen" combined, planting good "responsibility field."
Four is "turn the mentality". We should translate the "four confidence" into the confidence of running education well. We should be responsible, responsible and good at doing things.
(on September 25, 2018, the new journey of accelerating education modernization and building the great power of education was started, guangming daily)

System cadres should have eight qualities

In the new era, faced with the historical mission of speeding up education modernization, building a strong country of education and running education well, the cadres of education system should strive to improve their quality, and shoulder the responsibility of training and bearing the new person of the national rejuvenation. Education system cadres in the new era should focus on eight qualities.
One should have a historical perspective. I am good at drawing lessons from the historical process of human society development, grasping laws and recognizing trends, and studying education problems and formulating education policies through in-depth thinking of history.
Second, we should have an international vision. To scientific understanding of reform and opening up for 40 years historic accomplishment education in our country, the rational evaluation of the education of China in today's world education influence, in the pattern of world education find the orientation of Chinese education, China firmly anchored earth do the confidence of the education, the education of socialism with Chinese characteristics unswervingly developing road to modernization.
Third, strategic thinking. They are good at thinking about problems from a global perspective, thinking about problems from a long-term perspective and grasping problems from an overall perspective. Maintain strategic focus and promote education in China to have greater voice and influence on the international education stage.
Four must know the tactical design. Learn to change strategic thinking into specific working methods, and to observe, check and respond to changes.
Five should make theoretical summary. We should thoroughly summarize the experience, characteristics and phased characteristics of education reform and development in China, further summarize the unique path we have chosen and the unique problems we face, and form a regular understanding to push education forward in China.
Be professional. To speed up the modernization of education and build a powerful country of education, we have a strong systematicness, comprehensiveness and integrity. We must do a good job of education with professionalism.
Seventh, we must have the masses' views. We will always adhere to the people-centered idea of development and run the mass line through all our work. We should be good at doing the work of the masses. We should start with the issues that the masses care about, take people's aspiration for a better life as our goal, and strive to make the people satisfied.
Must have the political consciousness. We should truly practice "two safeguards", firmly establish "four consciousness" and firmly "four self-confidence", earnestly strengthen the party's leadership over the work of education, and shoulder the heavy responsibility bestowed by history.
(national education school of administration holds its 2018 autumn opening ceremony on sept 3, 2018)

3 remember education "the five arts"

Teachers should be the most respected and admired profession. We hope that teachers can have more in-depth thinking and understanding of education work and the teaching profession, and make new contributions to promoting education modernization and building education powerful country in the new era.
One is education is the tao. Teachers should make efforts to explore, discover, master and apply the rules of teaching and educating people in their respective disciplines, fields and positions, grasp the rules of students' growth, and truly implement the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating people.
The second thing is education is academic. Teachers should have a profound academic background, have the ability and quality to cultivate people with moral integrity, lay a solid foundation for education, and exercise the ability to educate people, so as to continuously train qualified builders and reliable successors for the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
Three, education is technology. Teachers should pay attention to the cultivation and improvement of their own ability, master basic teaching skills, and improve the level of teaching students to solve practical problems.
Fourth, education is art. Teachers should pursue the characteristics of professional growth, form a unique teaching feature and education style in teaching practice, and put a personalized brand on teaching and education.
Five is education is benevolence. Teachers should adhere to the principles of moral education and moral education, and be the guide for students' growth with love as the core. Teachers' love should be throughout the formation process of students' outlook on life, values and social views, so as to truly cultivate new generations who can bear the responsibility of national rejuvenation.
(national teaching and education model symposium, August 31, 2018)

4 "the pen of endeavor" needs to hold "ten degrees"

"Endeavour pen" is a high frequency word of education system this year. In the past six months, the aim of "stirring up a pool of spring water" has been achieved, and the mechanism of "stirring up hoof without lifting the whip" has been formed. Second half of the implementation of "forge ahead of the pen" to grasp a good "10 degrees."
One is the system. Should study earnestly, sum up experience, will "advance the pen" from this year's work grasp hand into the future work system, strive to "advance the pen" as the ministry of education brand, the ministry of education as "advance the department".
Attitude. We should have a spirit of being unafraid of difficulties, working hard and forging ahead. We should strive to accomplish the tasks assigned by the CPC central committee, better meet the people's expectations, and adopt a scientific attitude of not being rude or rash.
Third, difficulty. It should be clear to realize that "endeavor pen" focuses on the key points and weak points that restrict the development of career. When making plans, we should aim at the difficulty and actively increase pressure, jump up and pick peaches when promoting work, and make efforts to solve them with great strength.
Four is the slope. We should not only focus on the bottlenecks and shortcomings in work, but also keep climbing step by step. We should also choose the slope we can reach, so that we can climb up and effectively achieve the set goal.
Five is strength. We should allocate major energy, resources and manpower to the task of "forging ahead" and focus our efforts on the stage and time frame required by the development of our career.
Six is strength. To advance "progressive pen", we should give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity, pay attention to the "applicability" in the choice of ways, and show "effectiveness" in the work.
Seven is precision. In order to make progress accurately, the accuracy should be highlighted from the determination of targets, resource allocation, development of measures and supervision and examination.
Eight is magnanimity. It is necessary to have the tolerance of the world, fully understand and grasp all kinds of information necessary for career development, and cooperate with all parties to promote.
Nine is heat. Want to raise up from beginning to end, maintain all one's strength to advance education "endeavor of the pen" the heat, realize "endeavor of the pen" straightforward endeavor.
Ten is validity. The implementation effect of "progressive pens" should be evaluated according to the annual or inter-annual targets to ensure the smooth completion of various tasks and achieve tangible results.
(education ministerial group 2018 "the pen of endeavour" midyear promotion conference, July 27, 2018)

5 undergraduate education to advance 'four regressions'

Education of undergraduate course should promote "four regressions" and regard the quality and effect of talent cultivation as the fundamental standard of all work.
One is to return to common sense. Should revolve the student to study assiduously to do education, guides the student to pursue the true knowledge, exercises the true ability. For college students, we should reasonably "increase the negative", enhance their academic challenge, stimulate their learning motivation and interest in major, change the easy graduation situation, and truly embody the connotation construction and quality improvement in each student's learning results.
Second, return to duty. We should guide teachers to love teaching, devote themselves to teaching and research teaching, and devote themselves to teaching and educating people. We should adhere to the first standard of teacher quality evaluation based on teachers' morality and style, and implement the "one vote veto" system of undergraduate teaching evaluation in the promotion of teachers' professional and technical positions.
Third, return to the original intention. We should adhere to the correct political direction, promote the integration of professional knowledge education with ideological and political education, use knowledge system education, value system education and innovation system, and cultivate builders and successors.
Fourth, return to the dream. We should promote innovation in school philosophy, organization, management and system, and strive to realize the dream of serving the country of education and becoming a powerful country of education.
(June 21, 2018 new era national undergraduate education work conference)

6Education's "five beauties" realm

Education has five aspects: "no beauty", "small beauty", "big beauty", "beautiful beauty" and "beautiful beauty".
(national conference on aesthetic education in schools, April 21, 2018)